(8) Augment အရြယ္အစား - အင္အား ႀကီးထြားေစသည္၊ တိုးပြားသည္။

(8) Augment (awg MENT) Vb. (အရြယ္အစား၊ အေရအတြက္၊ အင္အား) ႀကီးထြားေစသည္၊ တိုးပြားသည္။

Definition: To enlarge in size, number or strenght; to increase

The general augmented his troops with front-line reinforcements.

Twyla planned to augment her income with a second job to pay for her new car.

Synonyms: expand, extend, magnify, reinforce, strengthen, fortify

Antonyms: decrease, reduce, curtail, diminish, contract, shrink, shrivel, abate, slacken, dwindle

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